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From animals to cooking gadgets to fidget toys and video game items, I home-3D print a variety of fun, handy, and cute gadgets and gizmos for all! Check out my products and learn more about me here, or head to my Etsy shop to order now!

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Featured Products:

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Cute Articulated Animals

These little creatures can be desk decorations, toys, or gifts! I have the shark (articulated body, fins, and tail), snake (almost 2ft long, articulated body), gecko (head, limbs, body, and tail are articulated), and octopus (floppy articulated tentacles).

Bakercube product image
Bakercube Measuring Cup

The Bakercube is the best measuring cup- with 1/2 cup, 1/3 cup, 1/4, cup, 1 tablespoon, and more, you can have all of your baking and cooking needs fulfilled! Colors are black, white, and a beautiful metallic multicolor filament.

Maker-Pen image
Rec Room Maker Pen model

A Maker Pen from the videogame Rec Room, for the VR/game lovers that want to bring a piece of the game into real life! This Maker Pen model can be used as a desk prop, decoration, toy, and/or momento to take into the physical world.

Behind-the-scenes videos: